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Brian Green: ‘I’ve always had a deep longing to give back’

Editor’s note: April is Volunteer Appreciation Month. We’re spotlighting Brian Green, SNC’s new communication manager, who recently relocated to Birmingham from Mississippi Power’s Gulfport office.

Where do you volunteer and what do you do?

I’ve been very active volunteering with a number of youth organizations. During my time in Gulfport, I served on the board of CLIMD CDC. CLIMB is a nonprofit organization focused  on assisting young people with on-the-job training, job placement and life skills that inspire self-reliance. In addition, I’ve served as a mentor at my home church in Georgia and mentored a number of young people through my fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha.

Why is this cause important to you?

While growing up, I had a number of mentors such as teachers, fellow church members and professionals who poured into my life and helped shape me in to the man I am today. I feel I have an obligation to give back to young people in the same way so many others gave to me. It’s very fulfilling to impart knowledge and wisdom to others and watch their growth and development as they navigate life.

How did you become a volunteer?

I’ve always had a deep longing to give back because so many gave their time and energy to me. I began volunteering through church growing up. Once I went off to college and joined my fraternity, volunteering and community service just became a part of life.

What do you say to others who are considering getting involved in volunteer work?

Try to select an organization or cause that you’re passionate about and jump in. You’ll not only help those in need, but you’ll gain a ton of fulfillment…and you may just learn something you didn’t know about yourself through the process.