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About Us

Southern Nuclear is a leader among the nation’s nuclear energy operators, running seven units for Alabama Power and Georgia Power. For more than 40 years, the company has operated nuclear energy facilities at the highest levels of safety and reliability, creating carbon-free electricity for millions of homes and businesses.

What We Do

At Southern Nuclear, we prioritize the health and safety of the public and our employees above all else. We operate our facilities with the highest levels of safety, reliability and affordability for our customers and communities while using innovative technologies and practices that enhance our fleet’s performance. This work is enabled by the continuous development, leadership and skills of a high-performing workforce.


Steve Kuczynski


Our leadership is founded on strong values. The future of energy is a priority, and we have an innovative team that is making change happen every day. 

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Workers At Desk

Community Partnership

We are committed to serving the communities nearest to each of our operating plants. We actively give, engage and collaborate whenever possible.

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Lightgbulb In Hand


The company is investing in the research, development and licensing of advanced reactors, and the policy and regulatory partnerships vital to moving toward a robust future in nuclear energy. 

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Diverse plant security team

Culture and Diversity

At Southern Nuclear, our people are our core. With a diverse group of employees whose commitment to safety and the pursuit of industry-leading performance is paramount, we work to develop our people to constantly model high standards in all aspects of our work.

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Our Plant Locations

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Focus Areas:

Focus Areas (All Stories)
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Learn About Our Parent Company

Southern Company is a leading energy company serving 9 million customers through their various subsidiaries.

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We take great pride in developing strong, long-term and trusting relationships with suppliers that will help drive value for our company and our customers. 

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