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Introducing Southern Nuclear’s Core Group

Our first-ever Southern Nuclear Core Group ambassadors have been selected and trained for 2017.

“We’re so pleased with the interest from employees to represent Southern Nuclear in this capacity to help promote our company and nuclear energy,” said Shane Camp, vice president of Human Resources and executive sponsor of the Core Group. “Not only will this program benefit our company’s efforts, it will provide professional opportunities to help develop our people.”

The Core Group is designed to empower our employees to become advocates for our company and the nuclear energy industry by engaging with other employees, friends, family and the communities we serve. The program will provide valuable opportunities to develop leadership skills, gain knowledge in cross-functional areas and discover professional growth opportunities in our company. By participating in Core Group training and program events, members will have the opportunity to master company messaging and make a meaningful impact on our Strategic Objectives to help achieve and sustain excellence.

“I joined the Core Group because I am passionate about sharing the benefits of clean, safe and reliable nuclear energy with my community,” said Robert Commerford, engineering supervisor at Plant Farley. “Eighteen years ago, I was fortunate to learn about nuclear in elementary school during a field trip to Plant Farley. That experience made a lasting impression on me, and it led me to pursue a career in nuclear engineering. Now, as a company ambassador, I have an opportunity to give back in this same way to let young people know about the challenging and rewarding careers available in nuclear energy.”


2017 Kilowatt-Certified Core Group Ambassadors



Dean Arvan

Bonita Benoskie

Pamela Burns

Joni Butler

Leonard Casella

Parthasarathy Chandran

Brianne Colburn

Khristi Driver

Matthew Euten

Raymond Flanery

James Flowers

Patrick Fussell

Ken Gauthaman

Yogendra Jani

Willis Meriwether

Cheree Montgomery

Anntwinette Ragland

David Reno

Jordan Rice

Paige Ridgway

Stephen Schnelker

Bentley Sloan

Shannon Smelley

Joyce Solomon

Mark Verbeck

Andrew Wilkerson

Vincent Williams


Plant Farley

Kodi Belford

Samantha Boswell

Robert Commerford

Lori McKay


Plant Hatch

Clayton Black

Jeffery Bowen

Joshua Brown

Alli Coursey

Timothy Grantham

Loretta Lasky

Arash Mirzakhani

Randy Moore

Amber Parker

Joel Rodriguez

Raymond Seiter

Alan Singer

Jeremy Taylor


Plant Vogtle 1&2

Patrick Atkinson

Seth Brookins

Amy Cullipher

Norman Dieguez

Mike Gilliard

Matthew Henson

Jamie Hill

Henri Lee

Joel Leopard

Kalvin McCumbers

Kelvin Muhammad

Brian Vallee

Jeffrey Wahl


Vogtle 3&4

Andrew Allen

Aaron Benjamin

Tyler Corder

Clarence Crawford

Rod Cude

Caitlin Edwards

Robert Espey

George Fegert

Mohamed Hassan

Jeffrey Hausaman

Joey Kenley

Ashley Key

Pamela Lambert

David Lane


Wendell Lynn

Whit May

Travis Mays

Rayma Milian-Rodriguez

Taylor Nelson

Andrew Nichols

Alexandria Poole

Sonshine Rhodes

Paul Rodi

Tony Saxon

Kayla Smith

Valerie Smith

Amanda Snipes

Tommie Sweat

Troy Wilbanks