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Jeff Bullard: #SOCommitted to Highway to Hope

Jeff Bullard helped start Highway to Hope three years ago. Today, his passion for the organization is stronger than ever.

<p>“Highway to Hope is a phase two recovery facility in Hazelhurst, Ga., providing shelter and education to men who have successfully completed a treatment program for dependency on drugs and alcohol,” explains Bullard, nuclear security officer at Plant Hatch. “These men show a real desire for change, and they believe that the environment where they’d return after treatment isn’t consistent with their goal of staying free of their addiction. They recognize they’re still not strong enough to resist the draw.”</p>
<p>That’s where Highway to Hope comes in. “We help the men in developing basic life skills that increase their opportunity and desire for success in life. We also assist them in finding work and setting goals.”</p>
<p>Bullard says his desire to create the organization grew out of what he learned during his previous career with the Georgia Department of Corrections. “I found that once a person serves their sentence, they often have no one to depend on. They need life skills to be successful – or they end up back in prison.”</p>
<p>As a result of Bullard’s commitment to Highway to Hope, he posted about the organization during Southern Company’s #SOCommitted campaign, which showcased social media posts by employees across the enterprise who are committed to the success of their communities.</p>
<p>Bullard and four other #SOCommitted participants were selected at random to receive a $1,000 donation to be given to the their charity of choice.</p>
<p>“I was surprised to find out I was chosen,” Bullard says. “Highway to Hope operates hand-to-fist on a shoestring budget. It’s also a growing ministry. I’m overjoyed that this donation can help these men as they grow in independence.”</p>