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Plant Vogtle continues partnership with Augusta Tech

<p>Georgia Power and Southern Nuclear recently presented a donation to Augusta Technical College, providing continued support to the college’s two-year Nuclear Engineering Technology (NET) program.</p>
<p>During a recent Augusta Tech class for NET students, nine alumni and current Plant Vogtle employees shared their experiences and insights on their careers at Plant Vogtle. The employees also reaffirmed Georgia Power and Southern Nuclear’s commitment and appreciation of the NET program by presenting a $4,500 donation to purchase new computers.&nbsp;</p>
<p>The Augusta Tech NET program aligns with the industrywide Institute of Nuclear Plant Operations Nuclear Uniform Curriculum Program, leading students to careers in non-licensed operations and electrical or mechanical maintenance. Augusta Tech is the only secondary education institute in Georgia to offer this program. Successful completion of coursework results in an associate degree of Applied Science in Nuclear Engineering Technology.</p>
<p>“Our primary partner, Southern Nuclear, has been intimately involved with the Nuclear Engineering Technology program from the very beginning with oversight support, technical subject matter expertise, recruitment activities and equipment resources,” said NET Department Head Robert Collins. “Their recent donation is just one of many ways that Southern Nuclear and Plant Vogtle have supported the program on an ongoing basis.”</p>
<p>When plans to expand Plant Vogtle were first announced nearly ten years ago, Georgia Power and Southern Nuclear leadership recognized the need to ensure the availability of qualified workers. This resulted in the company partnering with Augusta Technical College to develop and implement the two-year NET program.</p>
<p>“We are fortunate to have 48 NET alumni as part of the Vogtle workforce,” said Southern Nuclear Workforce Development Coordinator Nora Swanson. “We continue to hire high caliber graduates from the Augusta Tech program. We’re also pleased by alumni efforts to educate and recruit the next generation of workers with the same passion they have dedicated to become part of the industry themselves.”</p>