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Tips and tricks for telecommuting

With new guidelines we’re facing for social distancing and telecommuting, many people are adjusting to a new lifestyle and a new schedule. To help ease the transition, here are a few tips and tricks for successfully working from home:

  • Get dressed. Don’t spend the day in your pajamas.

  • Establish a space that signals “work.” This will help you focus and set boundaries.

  • Maintain regular hours. Set a starting time and schedule breaks – stretch, dance, take the dog out. Make time to eat lunch and leave your “office” when you do.

  • Make a stoplight for family members, especially young ones. Hang or tape colored construction paper in your workspace.

    • Red = you can’t be disturbed

    • Green = it’s okay to interrupt

    • Yellow = check first before entering

  • Keep your health in check and avoid unnecessary trips to the refrigerator.

  • Check in with your co-workers throughout the day on the status of projects and deliverables.

  • Set an end time for your work day or determine what your last task will be. If possible, don’t continue to work after you wrap up – that’s blurring the line between home and work.