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Employee Spotlight: Kevin Carter

<p>Every day for more than 40 years, Southern Nuclear employees have been improving the lives of our neighbors in Alabama and Georgia. Meet one of our folks who’s dedicated to providing you with clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy.</p>

<p><b>Kevin Carter, shift support supervisor, Plant Hatch</b></p>
<p><b>How long have you been with the company?</b> Eight years</p>
<p><b>What are your current job responsibilities?</b> To ensure the safety of the reactor and public when decisions are made that effect reactor safety and to work with other departments to ensure that systems are tagged out and ready for work when it is scheduled. As shift support supervisor, you are key player in cross-departmental work.</p>
<p><b>What do you love about your job?</b> I love working with other departments to ensure that work is done efficiently and effectively all while maintaining a respect for nuclear safety.</p>
<p><b>Hometown:</b> Hazlehurst, Georgia</p>
<p><b>First job (not your first job at SNC):</b> Washing cars</p>
<p><b>Favorite food:</b> Seafood</p>
<p><b>What is your favorite movie and why?</b> Any kind of action/suspense movie. I like movies that make you think and keep the viewer involved.</p>
<p><b>If given the chance, who would you want to be for a day?</b> Ronald Reagan. He was a great leader and accomplished a lot as president and as a leader in general. I would like to learn his leadership skills and his ability to lead a united force.</p>
<p><b>What are your hobbies?</b> Duck hunting, golf, and fishing.</p>
<p><b>What interests you about nuclear energy?</b> It amazes me that we can take a small fuel pellet, make a controlled reaction and power thousands of homes and businesses.</p>