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SNC wins 2017 Most Active Participation Award at ETAP NUUG conference

<p>Engineers from across the Southern Nuclear fleet exemplified what it means to be leaders in the nuclear industry while attending the 17th Annual Electrical Transient Analysis Program (ETAP) Nuclear Utility Users Group (NUUG) conference in Irvine, California.</p>
<p>With representation from our plant sites and corporate, SNC won the NUUG 2017 Most Active Participation Award for their valuable presentations and engagement during the conference. This year, SNC delivered presentations on the Farley AC model, Hatch diesel generator transient analysis and Vogtle’s AP-1000 design, and held open dialog benchmarking sessions featuring SNC’s own ETAP processes. SNC is also working with TVA and Duke Energy to develop best practices for ETAP model processes, control and security.</p>
<p>“Southern Nuclear continues to be very engaged in these conversations. This is a major win for our company and shows how we continue to be a leader in the nuclear industry. I was excited to discover that the other officers wanted to acknowledge SNC’s efforts,” said Jeff Weibelt, fleet design electrical engineer and NUUG associate chairman.</p>
<p>ETAP software is used for modeling and analysis of electrical power systems by 100 percent of the nuclear industry. The NUUG conference provides a forum for nuclear professionals, industry leaders and ETAP experts to collect information, address power system analysis issues, and learn through experience.</p>
<p>The NUUG conference exemplifies the idea of developing industry leaders by providing a forum for employees from all areas, levels and plant sites to share knowledge, experience and feedback to achieve excellence for the entire nuclear industry.</p>