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Annual emergency information calendars now available for plant neighbors

Residents living within the 10-mile emergency planning zones (EPZ) of the nuclear plant sites operated by Southern Nuclear were mailed their annual emergency information calendar with instructions on how to respond in the event of a plant emergency. Anyone who did not receive a calendar can obtain one by contacting their appropriate site Emergency Preparedness department.

Plant Farley: 334-899-6666 or 1-800-985-6319

Plant Hatch: 855-880-2058

Plant Vogtle: 706-554-2127


“For more than 40 years, Southern Nuclear has operated the nuclear facilities owned by Alabama Power and Georgia Power to generate clean and reliable electricity with safety as our top priority. That includes the safety of our employees, facility, and most importantly, the safety and health of our neighbors,” said Steve Kuczynski, president and CEO of Southern Nuclear.  “U.S. nuclear facilities are the most heavily regulated in the world, and at Southern Nuclear, we don’t just meet federal standards, we exceed them.”


Neighbors of the plant sites are asked to support emergency preparedness efforts by familiarizing themselves with the contents of the calendar. The calendar provides information about the types of emergencies that could occur at the plant, how residents will be informed about an emergency and what they should do if a protective action is issued.


Residents who would require special assistance in an emergency should complete the special needs card on the back of the calendar and mail it to the site as instructed.


The emergency information calendars for plants Farley, Hatch and Vogtle can also be found on the site’s external pages at