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In Appreciation of Our Service Members…

May is National Military Appreciation Month, when we honor the current and former members of the U.S. Armed Forces. Below are a few of the SNC employees whose family members have served in the military – and a few words about why they’re proud of their service.

Employee: Craig Doxey, nuclear oversight assessor, Vogtle 3&4

Military member: Sherri Doxey

Relationship to you: Spouse

What she does: Captain, U. S. Navy Reserve (retired) – undersea surveillance; manpower

Why Craig is proud of her: “She kept all of the kids – me included – in line while serving on both active and reserve duty as well as on the home front!”

Employees: Ann Owens and Gerald Owens, both senior engineers, Hatch

Military member: Jonathan Owens and William Richardson

Relationship to you: Son and father

What they do: Jonathan -- seaman, U.S. Navy; William -- World War II veteran who served in Iwo Jima

Why Ann and Gerald are proud: Ann: “I am proud that my father, a World War II veteran, was an inspiration to my son in his decision to join the military.” Gerald: “I am proud of Jonathan because he is effectively serving his country in a very challenging way.” 

Employee: Julie Collier, senior engineer, Farley

Military member: Carver Gordon and Russell Gordon

Relationship to you: Carver – father; Russell -- brother

What they did: Carver -- served on the USS Mississippi battleship during World War II; Russell – U.S. Army captain (retired)

Why Julie is proud of them: “I’m very proud of my dad’s service to our country and of the wonderful example he has always set of honoring his God, his country and his family. These days, Russ spends his time as Santa. He absolutely loves making children happy and sharing with them the true meaning of Christmas.”

Employee: Debra Mosley, senior administrative assistant, Engineering Systems, Corporate

Military member: Augustus Mosley

Relationship to you: Father

What he did: Sergeant in the U.S. Army/Air Force, stationed in the South Pacific, during World War I

Why Debra is proud of him: “He will be 97 July 2.  No daughter could ever be more proud of the father he has been and the wonderful man he is.”