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NAYGN Awards

Exciting things are happening at Southern Nuclear! Recently, several members of our North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NAYGN) chapters were honored with three prestigious awards at the annual Nuclear Energy Assembly (NEA) conference. During the event, which took place June 20 – 22 in Washington, D.C. and was hosted by Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) and NAYGN, our NAYGN chapters were on hand to receive Best Chapter in Region (Birmingham chapter), Best Chapter in Professional Development (Plant Farley, Plant Hatch, Plant Vogtle, Birmingham chapters) and Individual Achievement Award (Brooke Gurley, Fleet In-Processing Supervisor).

The recognitions detailed below reflect the chapter’s commitment to advancing professional development and providing opportunities for networking and community outreach for the next generation of nuclear professionals.

Best Chapter in Region – Southern Nuclear Birmingham

The Best Chapter in Region recognizes a commitment to providing members a wide range of growth opportunities in the following areas:

  • Professional Development: Providing development opportunities through the outstanding products, services and support in life-long learning, continuing education and professional development.
  • Social Activities: Facilitating social activities to provide members opportunities to connect normal business interactions.
  • Community Service: Investing significant time serving the community, improving the image of nuclear professionals and advancing the contributions NAYGN and the nuclear industry provides to surrounding communities.
  • Membership: Exhibiting excellence in marketing NAYGN membership benefits and developing an enthusiastic and innovative way to retain current members and attract new members. 

Best Chapter in Professional Development – Southern Nuclear Plant Farley, Plant Hatch, Plant Vogtle and Birmingham chapters

Best Chapter in Professional Development recognizes a commitment to providing opportunities for nuclear professionals to develop strong leadership skills, organizational skills and industry awareness.

Our chapter received the award for its efforts in hosting the NAYGN Southeast Region Conference in Birmingham last fall. The conference’s theme was “Sparking change today for a cleaner, sustainable future tomorrow,” and attendees included NAYGN members from Southern Nuclear, Entergy, TVA, Curtiss Wright and Enercon. 

Individual Achievement Award - Brooke Gurley

The Individual Achievement Award recognizes members who have consistently displayed high levels of contribution to NAYGN’s mission. Individual Achievement Awards are intended to be given to an individual only once during their NAYGN career. Congratulations to Fleet In-Processing Supervisor Brooke Gurley on receiving this recognition!