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Conferences celebrate Vogtle NAYGN chapters, honor Tyree Adams and examine the future of energy

NAYGN National President Abbey Donahue presents the Future Award to representatives of Vogtle’s NAYGN chapters (left to right): Charles Melton, 1&2 NAYGN chair; Landis Chambers, 1&2 NAYGN officer; and Paul Rodi, 3&4 NAYGN chair.

<p>More than 30 NAYGN members from across the SNC fleet recently attended the Nuclear Energy Assembly (NEA) Industry Conference and Supplier Expo in Atlanta. The three-day meeting also included the 2018 NAYGN Professional Development Conference.</p>
<p>The NAYGN conference included a full day of workshops and sessions, spanning topics like advanced nuclear technology, energy markets and preparing for a successful future.&nbsp;One of the highlights was hearing from Andy Worshek, a 24-year Navy veteran, who discussed&nbsp;how intent-based leadership encourages a healthy workplace environment where everyone is a leader.</p>
<p>There was also a touching moment honoring Tyree Adams, a Vogtle 1&amp;2 designer, NAYGN officer and Air Force veteran, who recently passed away.</p>
<p>In a moment that we know Tyree would have celebrated, Vogtle 3&amp;4 was named best chapter in the Southeast region. Jeffrey Hausaman, chapter treasurer and former chapter chair, said, “It was well deserved recognition. Even with all of the organizational and role changes with the transition to SNC management of 3&amp;4, our dedicated members keep our organization thriving and growing.”</p>
<p>The chapter also won best chapter overall and shared the NAYGN Future Award with Vogtle 1&amp;2 for the plant’s annual charity golf tournament.</p>
<p>At the NEA conference, NAYGN members heard from energy leaders including Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry, Georgia Power CEO Paul Bowers, NRC Chairman Kristine Svinicki and NEI CNO Bill Pitesa on the future of the nuclear industry.</p>
<p>Ryan Dean, Communications supervisor, said, “Being fairly new to the industry, the conference exposed me to a much broader network of individuals and subject matter experts. I made connections and learned more about some of the broader issues affecting the industry. It was motivating to spend a few days remembering what our industry offers and makes possible for so many people.”</p>
<p>The final day of the conference closed with a town hall session featuring NEI Chairman Don Brandt and NEI CEO Maria Korsnick. Both are energized by what they saw and heard at this year’s conference, with Korsnick saying, “I want people to connect nuclear with jobs, security, clean air and climate. I also want to connect with the folks who are passionate about those causes and help educate them about how nuclear is part of achieving their goals.”</p>