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For a good cause, Bud Sliger walks a mile in red shoes and a formal gown

Farley employees recently participated in the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event for Dothan’s House of Ruth. The event raised awareness for women impacted by sexual violence. Many of the men on the plant team managed the walk in red high heels, but Bud Sliger, nuclear planning specialist, was the only one to wear a formal gown!  

Here’s his take on the event:

Is the House of Ruth or women who have been affected by sexual violence a special focus for you?

“My philosophy is pretty simple: If it has eternal value, then get involved and do what you can to help the cause. The House of Ruth is very inspiring because it wants to educate and restore! Lives are being changed daily through this line of thinking.”

What gave you the idea to wear a long gown?

“This is a fun event that promotes people dressing in costumes. Doris Ashford, instrument-serman, Maintenance, is on the board for House of Ruth. She told me that the color for Sexual Assault Awareness is teal.  My wife and I decided that a prom dress would be fitting, and a local thrift shop loaned me the dress. What’s the chance of a teal size 20 prom dress sitting on the shelf? That is a God thing in itself!”

Tell us about your red shoes.

“The red shoes are donated by a local company, I believe. They are marked in men’s and women sizes, yet the toe area is only made for women. I have come to the conclusion that men are not designed to wear these things. They are the most uncomfortable shoes EVER. I’ve never really measured if we actually walk a mile, but it feels like 30 miles in those heels. I did finish the whole course and went directly into training for next year.”

Any other thoughts on the event?

“People with a strong burden for the cause participated, but there were many people that lined the streets and cheered everyone on. To see the community get behind a meaningful event and give up their Saturday morning was awesome! Knowing Farley supports this event makes me feel pretty good about where I work. Together, we can all make a difference.”